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My name is Jaroslav Ovtsyn. This is my personal page. Since you're reading this, chances are you have received a direct email from me, or saw a software commit made by me somewhere on the Github.

What's in a Name?

Nothing. "Ryeden" is a made up word. I had to name it somehow when I was setting up my own paying email server. I do not believe in "free stuff", but I do believe in rewarding people, or corporations, for good work. Corporations are also people. Don't ask me about the graphics. This is what came with the theme and I happen to like them.


I've been doing software for almost 30 years, but I still get excited to discover a nice programming language or a completely new way of doing things. But tools are still just tools. What you can build with them - that's where the thrill is.


I've done a fair share of business development and sales. I enjoyed it despite the constant pressure and dealing with factors beyond your control. Your work output is easily quantifiable and nobody cares about your excuses - you either deliver results or you don't. There is no better teacher to make you keep your eyes on the ball.


Here I am on Linked-in. I do software in ORBCOMM. Right now it's Eclipse-based tools. Eclipse is probably the worst platform to develop a GUI app... not a fan... not anymore!


These are the areas of my interest, where I am "digging" at the moment.


The search for my next project's programming language is over. It's Dart . It's suitable for the backend, because it's compiled (and therefore fast). But it's also suitable for the frond end, because it can be transpiled into JS. It does it all!


The search for my next project's GUI framework is over. It's Flutter. It produces native code for both Android and iOS. It can be used for building web GUIs, and even desktop applicaions. It does it all!


It's not a fad. It's the logical way to build online applications: fetch static content from CDN, fetch dynamic content from microservices, keep APIs simple and well-delineated. The Node.js platform coupled with the static typing of TypeScript is a truly unbeatable comnination!


I don't care for crypto currencies. I'm interested in Blockchain technologies, because it's a new way in which non-trusting parties can productively cooperate. Hyperledger Fabric seems to be a leader in the enterprise segment.

NFC Tags

NFC Tags are revolutionising the way we interact with consumer products and their manufacturers. It creates a direct link, while bypassing any intermediaries.


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